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Casa Porvenir

Casa Porvenir: Some Guest Comments:


January 2022
Ahhhh just what time the doctor ordered.
A slice of heaven. Thank you so very much. You truly have created a bit of heaven here!
Thank you...Cyndi & Jen

 March 1, 2022


Whales, pelicans skimming the waves, soothing waves, surfers across the bay, baby turtles making their way out the sea, Gladys’s excellent meal & clearing, gardener’s quiet sweeping of leaves, beautiful fresh flowers in every room, stars twinkly with so little light pollution, fireworks down the beach one night, evening dips in the ocean, multiple early morning walks and walks to restaurants, margaritas, of course, glorious sunsets that turn into dusk.

Thanks for everything!

Linn & Tim


January 2022

We cannot express to you how fortunate we feel to have become part of the Casa Porvenir family.  Our time there is a treasure due in no small part to the Mexican people. 
The house and garden at the Casa are in beautiful condition and everything seemed to be in good working order.  Again let us thank you for sharing Casa Porvenir with us.
Bruce & Linn

January, 2020

Having just returned from our second visit to Casa Porvenir,  we wanted  to thank you for sharing your lovely tropical getaway with us. It is evident from all of the beautiful details in the house that building this place was an act of love.  Then add in the view, 85-degree ocean water and Gladys's cooking and you have all of the ingredients for an ideal vacation.  We feel fortunate to have found Casa Porvenir and enjoy all that it has to offer.

Thank you again, Linn & Bruce

Rancho Santa Fe, Ca.


December, 2019
Arriving at Casa Porvenir, I was struck by the incredible views from  La Casita. You could not ask for a more picturesque spot, with the waves consistently crashing on the beach and lava rock out front, and the perfect view of the sun setting directly in front of the house, framed by palm trees. I could have sat there all day, every day.  But, of course, there is much to see, do and discover, along with amazing places to eat in Troncones and La Majahua.  La Casita is tastefully appointed in an authentid Mexican style. lt is open and comfortable and has all that your need.  The garden and the front yard facing the beach are gorgeous and the smaller lodging (palapa) El Nido, is also a perfect lodging for other guests.  Lastly, the meals prepared by the resident chef should you want to hire her were out of this world.  Enjoying family meals together in La Casita with the view of the ocean never got tired. We definitely look forward to returning one day soon.
Mary & family

May, 2017

Casa Porvenir was such a dream for my wife, daughter, granddaughter and myself.  We loved how much the home and grounds felt like a troical extension of how we love to live.  The house was open, filed with the air from the sea, the plants were well tended with mostly natives from this bio-region, the kitchen was a delight to cook in, the shower was magical as you could take a shower and watch the moon pass overhead, and the location with the view of Troncones Point from the swinging bench helped us to fall in love with the well-held home.  Jolene and Wayne were such a delight to communicate with as they both have such big hearts and a great sense of grace which you can see in Casa Porvenir.  Thank you Wayne and Jolene for sharing your paradise with our family.  We want to return again and again.

Warren, Cynthia and Family

Ventura, CA


May, 2017

My husband and I stayed at Casa Porvenir for one week and had an absolutely incredible time.  We spent the week boogie boarding, reading books and playing on the beach....and evenings watching the sunset, watching the pelicans fish and making lovely meals with fresh fish (with a cold beer in hand).  La Casita was beautiful home base.  We were thrilled to see a group of dolphins playing in the bay one of the days we were there.  We walked over to Majahua a couple of times and enjoyed some nice meals at one of the smaller resaurants on the beach. We can't wait to get back!



January, 2017

We spent a wonderful week at Casa Porvenir.  The house is very nice, with the beach side completely open.  The sunsets are really spectacular.  The beach directly in from of the house is rocky (we had a great time wading in the tidal pools looking at the sea life), and there is a swimming beach a couple hundred yard to the south.  We occasionally saw people walking or riding horses on the beach in front of the house, but for the most part there was no one to be seen but us.  This was mostly a veg-out trip for us, but for the more actively inclined there a a number of places to rent bikes, surf boards, etc.  There are a number of restaurants a short walk in both directions, with fresh local seafood the star attraction.  We particularly enjoyed the little places on the beach at La Majahua just to the north.  The housekeeper, Gladys (service 6 days a week) will also prepare meals at a reasonable cost.  She prepared dinner for us three nights and everyting she made was delicious. There are additional restuarants and shops in "downtown" Troncones, which is a longish (2.5 miles) walk or an inexpensiuve cab ride away.  As my wife said, this is a great place to come if you want to get off the grid but not way off. This was our first visit to this area and we will almost certainly be back.




January, 2017

Both the grounds and the home are beautifully maintained with attention to detail.....located right on the (non-swimming) beach, the sound of the ocean and the sunsets are magnificent......the service and food by Gladys and the maintenance of the property are porvenir is an extraordinary destination.


December, 2016

This was a perfect escape from the events in Washington.  The house is beautiful and the beach is spectacular.  Everyone on the staff is wonderful.  Between Glady’s cooking and nearby restaurants we didn’t have a bad (or even so-so) meal all week.

When we arranged this trip we were thinking it might be a one-off visit, but it’s so nice we’ll almost certainly be back. 

Mike & Sharon

Washington, D.C.


November, 2016

What an incredibly beautiful home, in an incredibly beautiful home, in an idyllic setting we couldn’t have asked for anything more.  Gladys breakfast were muy rico!  Thank you for sharing your stunning home with us.  We hope to come back!

All the best….

Ella & Alex



October, 2016

We had a wonderful stay at Casa Porvenir.  Tje owners, Jolene &b Waune, went above and beyond to ensure that ouir time spent at the DCasa was enjoyable and relaxing.  The house was well equipped and clearly well taken cared of.  You can tell that the owners take pride in their home.  The area of Troncones is fantastic.  If you want to get away from it all this is the plae to be.

Kelly & John 

Winnetka, CA


April, 2016

Casa Porvenir was a great place to spend our vacation.  We were 4 adults and one baby and found it very comfortale.  The main house was beautiful and spacious with an amazing viw of the ocean and beach. Gladys, the housekeeper, cooked us lunch and we highly recommend her as her chef skills are wonderful.  Fresh ceviche and sopes after a moring on the beach was lovely!  Tronones is a sleepy little town more than a walk away but Majahua is a short walk.  We had a great time and recommend the property to anyone who wants peace and relaxation!


Portland, OR


May, 2016

We have enjoyed reading through the last 10 years of entries in your guest book and are honored to add our own.  We first tried to come last November but were scared off by Hurricane Patricia.  We feel thankful and fortunate to have been able to still come – 6 months later.  We spent a glorious week totally relaxing to not check a watch, clock, email, text or answer a phone for that has been an incredible digital break! We spent many happy mornings eating breakfast at the sunset table cooking delicious homemade fish tacos and ceviche with fish organized by your housekeeper. We napped,  boogie boarded and read 6 books between us.  We played many games of scrabble and let each other get away with questionable words. We had incredible food at restaurant La Mexicans & Las Brisas in La Majahua and a fantastic time expiring the beach to the  north. This time of year is quit for tourism and we feel like we’ve had Mexico mostly to ourselves,.  This is a special place … a well made , well thought out house that met our definition of vacation properly.

Thank you,

Mike & Lelsie

British Colombia, Canada


March, 2016

!Que perfecto! As always, this place is the perfect get away. Our third stay here at Casa Porvenir has been amazing. Our family is so grateful to you all for sharing this little piece of heaven. We’ve enjoyed sunsets rain!! Baby sea turtles horseback riding sand and sea … so many hours of peace and tranquility . We really can’t say “Thank You” enough!

Peace love and happiness,

Shad, Kristen Opal and Niven


February, 2016

Silence, privacy, beauty…a retreat after a challenging workshop. A safe haven to practice new skills. Sopes that lasted nearly a week with eggs & beer at the local tienda, Gabys …What more?  Thank you for creating and sharing your haven. We will return.

Barbara & Ted

Santa Fe, NM


January, 2016

We stayed at Casa Porvenir and El Nido to celebrate New Years.  Luis and I stayed at Casa Porvenir and enjoyed the sound of the ocean, the gorgeous sunsets, it is a magical place  The kids stayed at El Nido and loved it. We made arrangements with the staff to buy groceries and cook for us, it was so delicious that we didn't go to any restuarant! Gladys, the housekeeper, cooked, made everthing from scratch, healthy and delicious and every day she prepared handmade tortillas.  The rest of the staff was very attentive and the house is in very good shape.  The owners worked for months with us making the arrangements and were very kind with us.  We would love to go back fro a romantic getway or again with the kids. It was a great experience.  I highly recomend Casa Porvenir.




Thank you so much for sharing your paradise with us! We head back to MN restored and ready to tackle real life?
John & Sheryl
Stillwater, MN


Because there is so much to see in the world and we have so much more of the world to see, we rarely repeat a trip to the same country, much less a return trip to the same location. This coast line and this casa may prove an exception.  The setting and the spirit it evokes early morning, mid-day, late afternoon, at sunset and under the starlight - may command an encore.   This was more than a great escape from a brutal Midwest USA winter.
Thank you.
Jack and Peggy
East Lansing, MI


Coming from very stressful lives to Casa Porvenir has been a blessing!  Your home has such a relaxing energy we had no choice but to de-stress.  Thank you so much for providing us the opportunity to enjoy two solid weeks of true R&R!  We are returning home more relaxed than any previous vacation.  Your staff and friends here have been wonderful really adding to our great experience here ...
Maggie & Gordon
Calgary, Alberta

"Doesn't it feel like we are on a ship?", asked my daughter as we spent another afternoon basking in the afternoon sun and feeling the breeze going through our hair as we looked out from the estancia to the ocean and its waves.  "No really, it feels like a beautiful house", she answered.  And she's right as only a 10 year old can be.  We've loved it here and we noticed all the beautiful details and love and care.  Nirvana!  Love the heart shaped rock in the entrance to the most beautiful shower experience ever, to the open breeze rooms ... you've captured the spirit of life on the Pacific ... We've felt blessed to have glimpsed it.  It has a very special energy.

Some snapshots of our days at Casa Porvenir:  Surfing in the tide pools at Manzanillo Pelican Point; navigating the waves in front of Jardin Eden; chatting with our neighbors; paddle boarding; boat ride with Antonio seeing everything from turtles to dolphins to needle fish; reading all your books and leaving some behind; horseback riding .... this little family plans to come back!
Muchas gracias,
David, Viviane, Saskia & Alexandre
Mexico City

This place is truly paradise. K Daniela, Claudia and Don Tino were wonderful  WE made some new friends in Jesus, our caballero and Victor our Taxi cab driver and his family.  Everyone here is so warm and friendly.  A small token of our appreciation – enjoy the wine.  Thank you again for sharing your magic with us.
Matt and Irma     

Albuquerque, NM 

Muchas gracias for creating such a beautiful home and allowing us to share it!  We have had a most wonderful vacation (in every sense of the word) has been a “chick trip” to remember...and we each dream of coming back with our loved ones!  Daniela and Don Tino are so special – just like Casa Porvenir and Troncones..Such beauty—and so much fun!
Kim, Susan & Nancy     

Albany, Oregon

Thank you for opening your beautiful home to us on our honeymoon!!  The house could not have been more romantic and we just loved every second of it.  Troncones truly is a magical spot. Your staff are simply the best.  They gave us tons of privacy, yet we were never in need of anything.  Our second day here we even got flower petals in the shape of a heart on the bed!! Thank you! Thank you! Thanks for everything!!
Araron & Lucy    

LA , Califoirnia 

Our second stay here at Casa Porvenir has been nothing short of PERFECT!!  We ADORE THE PEACE AND TRANQUITLITY HERE IN Troncones.  It is a little piece of heaven in our world.  WE love it here!!
Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with our family.  We hope to return soon.
Muchas gracias,
Shad, Krista y Opal (22 months)

Thank you, Wayne & Jolene, for opening this amazing home up to is.  This has been one of the most relaxing vacations of our 30 years of marriage.  We’ve explored every inch of beach from the very last house way south of town all the way north to Saladita! We tried to hit every restaurant once –but have a few for next trip.  While we enjoyed the amazing animal life (whales, dolphins, iguanas , horses, etc.) our hearts were captured by the kids.  The little ones sitting in the middle of the dusty road in La Majahua..the kids playing “King of the Upside-down Boat Hull:”, the kids buying ice cream from the VW bug (tried to get them to dance with me to the music!) and will never forget the young boys – maybe 12 years old fishing off the rocks in front of the house.  They let me use their pole and cast out the line which promptly got stuck!  “no problemo, no problemo, Senora!”  They got it un stuck and offered it to me again~  I let them do the fishing!  But they caught a couple of large fish and put them in their backpacks – no sack and I asked them if that was their school backpack and they giggled and said “Si!”.  I plugged my nose and they giggled again.  

We’re not quite sure how we’ll sleep when we get home without the rhythmic pounding of the sea to lull us to sleep. K This was our first trip to Troncones – But, it won’[t be our last.
Rod & Kim    

Albany, Oregon 

Two weeks in paradise!
We have enjoyed every minute of our stay.  La Casita & El Nido are perfect with all the beautiful artistic details.  The colorful garden so well kept by Don Tino (thank you for the coconut juice & meat).
We specially appreciated Daniela’s flower and towel arrangements and of course her good care and friendliness.
The whales and dolphins passing by almost daily made the view even more exciting.
All the best for the New Year.  Thank you so much for everything.
Casper, Anna, Kim, Lotte    

The Netherlands 

We had finished a wonderful breakfast cooked by Daniela.  It was fantastic!  The casita is amazing, we loved the openness and the exotic feel.  It was such a wonderful experience to be awakened by the sound of the crashing waves every morning.  Claudia was full of great information (Turtles release) and Daniela is amazing!  (Can we bring her to Canada with us?)
Thanks for an unforgettable week!
Alexia & Luarent 

Vancover, BC 

I’m sitting in my favorite spot, the wood swing, where you would find me most mornings and late afternoons taking in as much as I possibly can,.  I’m imaging that Casa Porvenir is a reflection of both of you....authentic, artistic, high quality, beautiful, soulful, peaceful, fun, relaxing, ??, and open to sharing what you have with others.  Thank you so much!  Not only was it as great as we expected but much, much more!!(from Sarah) 
Thank you so much for making your beautiful home and place available for people to enjoy..sitting right on top of the ocean for this week was delightful and fulfilling. (from Corky) 
Sarah & Corky     


We had a lovely stay-10 days proved to be too short.  The house and gardens are geat.  It’s like living in a piece of art.  Casa Porvenir is different in that it fits into the landscape of costal Mexico and does not seek to transplant southern California chic like so many of the other beach houses.  We highly recommend having Daniela prepare breakfast. The food is wonderful with sabrosa chiliqueles and it is way cheaper than the restaurants.
Greg  & Jami  

Evergreen, CO 

AMAZING!!!  That word basically describes everything!  The ocean was beautiful!  We boggie boarded multiple times this week, it was my first time and it was very fun.  I loved the short walk to Majahua, the town had a very Mexican feel, it was a cool experience.  The girls went horse back riding while the guys went fishing catching mackerel and some smaller fish.  Daniela, DonTibno & Pedro were wonderful to have around!  Daniela made us two meals that were delicious!  Casa Porvenir was everything we were hoping for and more!MUCHAS GRACIAS! P.S.  Bird watching was fun!

 Wade, Heidi and kids  

 Minneapolis, MN  


Casa Porvenir was exactly the medicine that we needed.  Your place is filled with so much heart, love and amazing energy. Thank you for sharing your little gem with us,.
Melissa & Chad
San Francisco, CA.


"Crumpled rocks of ink... Waves of pounding Spittle...                                   Marching stones, shells aligned.  Pause for thinking 

Listen Out Loud!!  The shore falls upon the soul. It is cleansed."....


Olympia Washington -


Thank you so much for sharing Casa Porvenir with us once again.  We truly adore this place and feel grateful to have found it here on your lovely Playa Manzanillo. This was our third visit, and was far the best, as the weather was perfect everyday.  The surf cooperated beautifully at Playa Saladita and the days passed too quickly! We love your garden and especially the birds and iguanas that also inhabit it.  Thanks to your staff – especially Daniela & Tino whom we saw frequently.  Liz arranged for us to buy some of the BEST mahi we’ve tasted.  We wish you both well and look forward to our next opportunity to return.             Taina y Eduardo - January, 2011


Thank  you for the lovely stay in your beautiful casa.  We had a wonderful and peaceful time.  The vista is magnificent, the sunsets divine—all in all,  a perfect memory for us to draw upon in the future.
Michael & Sheila
Bellingham, Washington 


Mariana and Carlos stayed here in “el nido de amor” with their beloved daughter, Ana, and Africa, their dog.  Jolene and Wayne: we were much happy for 5 beautiful days in your lovely house.  We spent New Years Eve and drank champaigne.  We saw singing birds and read books swinging in the hamaca. Daniela, the cleaning lady, was the sweetest...putting flowers that spelled Ana in our bed, which was the most romantic thing ever.You have an excellent service...and very thoughtful details in the bottle of welcome wine, the candles, the books, the signs, the Casa Porvenir soap...We are sure you are very nice people, it’s a shame we didn’t get to meet you, but we look forward to coming back soon.
Thanks for your hospitality...HAPPY NEW YEAR
Mariana, Carlos, Ana & África


We had a wonderful stay at Casa Porvenir. What a magical retreat you have created.  Everything was perfect!
Thank you,
Pam & Don  

Seattle, WA.      

We feel so grateful to have found your beautiful, sweet home – a sanctuary, a place where our souls, hearts and minds had on opportunity to appreciate what really matters in life.  We walked on the beach, collected shells, admired amazing sunsets and sunrises; absorbed many, many pelicans dive for fish and fly with much grace. Spent lots of time admiring your casita, the beautiful wood that it’s made of, the cozy bedroom, incredible bathroom/shower, great kitchen (where we cooked delicious meals).  I especially loved, loved the beautiful gardens, the gorgeous flowers and sweet vines along the house and over the arches.  Claudia, Daniela, Pedro and Tino are wonderful people!
We hope to return again!
Celia & George

Seattle, Washington     

We were very pleased to be able to share your wonderful home!  A very relaxing time. The Bay is very beautiful. We really enjoyd Hacienda Eden and Manzanillo Bay.  We hope to come back this way again.
Jay & Tammy
Denver, Colorado

Thank you for sharing your lovely home—we relaxed, hiked down long beaches, swam in the ocean, tried to identify the local wild life, went to Ixtapa for a little golf, Zihuatanejo for a little shopping and food & generally rested & enjoyed ourselves.  We are ready to face the world again after a week in this wonderful place.
Cathy & Steve
San Rafael, CA


Open to the sea, the sky, to the soft breezes moving thru the soul while asleep, wakening, resting.  This is a haven…a true shelter.  You have created something marvelous. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.  Our time here was most special.  We hope for many happy returns.
Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful space with us.  We missed your physical presence but share your joy in having created such a wonderful place.  Antonio and Bernise were marvelous.  They added so much to the warmth and nourishment here.

Steve & Tricia
Albuquerque, New Mexico

 We’ve had our best time ever in Troncones here at your place.  The greatest ocean setting, the prettiest, comfy-est bed, and, the coolest shower.  Antonio spoiled us with fresh wood-fired pizzas.  And, just a skip down to our favorite restaurants.  Thanks, and hope to return ASAP!
Gayle & Ross
Healdsburg, CA


We understand that Flor and me are the first Mexicans that are in your beautiful casita.  Ustedes han logrado una perfecta combinacion entre la imponente belleza del Océano Pacifico y los hermosos detalles arquitectonicos de Casa Porvenir.
Antonio and Berenice are great persons, and their son, Emilio too, they are very polite and we shared a lot of moments with them.
Por los caminos del Sur …………vamanos para Gurerrero………… (This is the beginning of a famous Mexican song).  Esta cancion y muchas casas mas, nos haran recorder neustra maginfica estancia in su preciosa casa.  
Thank you for sharing it with us and we hope to come back soon.
Flor y Ignacio
Mexico City, Mexico


Muchas Gracias!  For allowing us to stay in your “Marvillosa Casa”, we really enjoyed our time at Casa Porvenir.  Your help allowed us to provide more funds to the community of La Majahua.  Hope that in your next visit you get a chance to meet them and eat at Carmen & Ramon’s Restaurant.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,Maj & Yanaris
Humanitarian Wave (



Thank you for having us back as return customers-almost exactly one year ago! As with before, we had a wonderful, relaxing week.  Weather was perfect-a few days of cloud cover really kept the temperature perfect! We discovered the newly opened Diego’s for breakfast and dinner-Fabulous! And the view incredible.  There were even whales visible off shore on our last night.  Our favorite past time-swinging together on your bench swing while staring at the waves.  We are considering putting on a similar swing at home.
Thank you again!
Cathy & Steve,
San Rafeal, CA
The house as you know is great!  What we really acknowledge is how well managed things were from your end and how well we were taken care of.  
Thanks so much,
Mark and Char

San Diego, California
Thanks so much for inviting us into your home.  It was a wonderful week spent reading, taking long walks on the beach and watching the sun set.  A little piece of paradise.  Bill enjoyed looking at all the little details, how well built and open your home is.
We will be back and hope to meet you someday!

Jean & Bill
Louisville, Colorado
It has been a gift to meet both of you and a wonderful experience to stay at Casa Porvenir! What a stunning retreat! We both appreciate architectural details and it is evident that the integrity of materials and craftsmanship of your home have come together in perfect union.
We wish you many beautiful sunsets, peace and health.  We would love to stay in touch.
Greg & Valerie
Portland, Oregon 
 Casa Porvenir and Manzanillo Bay are complete paradise. We have enjoyed our stay. It truly is one of the most beautiful places we have ever seen. It really puts our lives into perspective when we are immersed in such natural beauty of the sun and the sea.
Many thanks for such a wonderful place to be.
Carly and Keith
We are basking in the warmth, beauty, and tranquility of Manzanillo Bay and Casa Porvenir. We have had an absolutely marvelous experience at your magical paradise.  Claudia, Antonio, and Lupe are wonderful. What an unforgettable experience you have provided to our family. We are truly grateful for your kindness and generosity-but especially we will always be grateful for your love, support and friendship!!
Judy, John, Jason & Jennifer
Albuquerque, NM
Thank you for sharing your beautiful artistic home with us.  It is a wonderful retreat that brought us close to the natural beauty of the sea.  Your care and attention to detail was stimulating and most appreciated.  We look forward to our return to your exquisite retreat.
Jinger & Michael & Makala
South Laguna, California
Casa Porvenir is a magical place- from the craftsmanship and beauty of the building, to the ever changing view, to the rhythm of the waves.  We had a wonderful week in and on the water.  Surfing lessons with Mike of ISA were enlightening (he’s a tremendous teacher) and fun,  The snorkeling along the reef at Pelican Point was an adventure with the surfers catching waves beside us.  And, we got our daily fill of boogie boarding on the beach at Hacienda Eden.  Our favorite sights were the pelicans, back and forth and back and forth, the frigate birds, and the rays flying through the air. It was a special treat to meet you, Wayne and Jolene and to learn so much about this area.  Thank you for sharing this place with us.
Cindy and Deb
Bericiz, CA
Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us.  Our time here was very relaxing.  It was a special treat to see the whales dancing off shore.  It was a pleasure meeting you and hope to return next year.
Brad & Terri
Sister, OR
We arrived from San Francisco after 8 p.m. and was greeted by lovely Claudia.  We settled into El Nido, had our wine and Dos Equis on the beach under the beautiful night sky, waves crashing.  Our bodies and minds are beginning to relax.  This has been the most welcoming bay and point.  Everyone looks after one another.  Thank you Jolene and Wayne for a wonderful stay!!  We love the palapa and all of Troncones!
Elain and Erik
San Francisco, CA
 Came down for a wedding- what a fabulous place for that! had a great time.  Things worked here at El Nido (as opposed to other places around here).  Enjoyed the food and even caught our very own Bontios that we cooked.  Having a vehicle is recommended as allowed for mobility to go visiting, shopping, scuba diving & helping people out.  The wedding at Casa Manzanillo was truly beautiful.  We certainly enjoyed our stay in this piece of paradise.  Thanks, El Nido, for a great holiday.
Patty, Dean & Christopher
Alberta Canada
A gracious casa ♥
Muchas gracias por su casa, su espir9ito, y el sol, la luna y los estrellas.
A very enjoyable time was passed here. Los pelicanos kept los otras in line, los gecos serenaded us, and the ocean kept pace.
Bonnie & Ged
British Columbia
Our stay (Honeymoon) at El Nido has been nothing short of wonderful!!  It is so beautiful here.  We have really enjoyed the peace and solitude here.  If you want to experience amazing enchiladas, we recommend Majuhua Palms.  Also, Tronco Bay Inn has amazing fish and shrimp empanadas.  We have had many hours of calm and peaceful rest here and down on the beach.  Hearing the waves at night is like taking a tranquilizer.  We slept like babies.  Everyone here is so kind and helpful.  We look forward to a return stay!!
Shad and Krista


We  loved, loved your beautiful place, wow!  You have  created  peaceful sanctuary in such a lovely area.  We spent some wonderful moments that we will never forget.  It is truly a sweet gem.  We spent lots of time reading, walking on the beach, admiring your beautiful casita, feeling peaceful.  I love the gardens.  The vines growing along the side of the house and over the arbors are so pretty.   We can honestly say that we both fell in love with your casita and the location.  
We are grateful that we had the opportunity to stay at your casita.  We hope to be back some day! 

Ceclia & George

Seattle, Wa.


We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at your incredible home in Troncones.  You have clearly put so much thought and care into both the design of your beautiful house as well as the care you have arranged to be provided for your guests.  We hope to be able to stay at Casa Porvenir in the future and have already reccomended it to a number of friends here in Seattle......... 

Don & Patti

Seattle, WA.

Casa Porvenir was fantastic--we were very sorry to leave your lovely, warm Manzanillo sanctuary to return to work, winter, and rain in the city. 

 Taina & Ed  

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