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La CasitaCASA PORVENIR, TRONCONES, MEXICO: Poised on a rise above the beaches and tide pools of Manzanillo Bay on the shore of the Mexican Pacific Riviera, Casa Porvenir is graced by an array of tropical flowers and indigenous trees.  Two  constructed dwellings are patterned after native architecture..


El NidoLa Casita and El Nido, offer cozy, private comfort.  The remarkable seascape vistas from La Casita, and the view of the rising sun over the mountains from El Nido, celebrate the perpetual rhythms of day's end and the promise of a new dawn beyond the descending cloak of tropical darkness.

Casa Porvenir is an ideal setting for basking in the glow of the present and dreaming of the promise of the future. The seeds of Casa Porvenir were sown thrity-five years ago when the owners, Jolene and Wayne Maes, were in Colombia, South America assisting the Colombian Government and local communities with educational advancement. While seeking to gain fluency in Spanish Wayne read a classic 19th century romantic novel, Maria, by Jorge Issacs.  Jolene and Wayne visited the author's ranch, El Porvenir, a historical site which had been preserved near Cali, Colombia.  Though visited by tragedy, it was a haven of love, romance, creativity and healing.

El Porvenir had lingered in memory through the years.  Images of a Casa Porvenir on the Pacific began to take shape in 2001 when Jolene and Wayne found solace from a regimen of treatment for a life-threatening illness on the shores of Manzanillo Bay.  By the summer of 2005 mortar, bricks, tropical woods, hand carved swings and antique Portuguese tiles had been crafted into a living sculpture, La Casita.  By early 2007 a second dwelling, a palapa of tropical woods and palm-thatched roof had been fashioned, El Nido. We rent La Casita and El Nido with the hope that they will bless our guests, as did the original El Porvenir, with rest, love, romance, creativity, healing and hope for the future.

Sup and lift a glass to the end of the day at the Sunset Bench.

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