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Casa Porvenir

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... eyes may lift themselves, asking "How can I reach the Sea?" And I will pass to them the starry echoes of the wave, a breaking up of a foam and quicksand, the gray cry of seabirds on the coast.

- Pablo Neruda



Troncones, Mexico

Troncones' Finest Beach and Surf Destination


Poised on a rise above the beaches and tide pools of Manzanillo Bay on the shore of the Mexican Pacific Riviera, Casa Porvenir is graced by an array of tropical flowers and indigenous trees.  Two dwellings incorporate tropical woods in unique designs offering privacy while communing with spectacular ocean views and the serene beauty of tropical gardens.

The remarkable seascape vistas from La Casita, and the view of the rising sun over the mountains from El Nido, celebrate the perpetual rhythms of day's end and the promise of a new dawn beyond the descending cloak of tropical darkness.

Casa Porvenir is an ideal setting for basking in the glow of the present and dreaming of the promise of the future.

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